On The Way To The Cross
God had a vision, that He kept in view before Him from the
foundation of the world.  It was a vision of all that would be
accomplished at the death of His Son, Jesus, on the cross
of Calvary.   Everything that transpired in the lives of those
under the Old Testament  was a type and shadow of what
Jesus would fulfill through His death and resurrection.
The Word And Prophecy
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The Word And Prophecy
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There were  two witnesses  under each of  the three mani-
festations of the Word of God; the first always set up and
established the  Word of God,  and then  the second
witness would come on the scene, after the first had been
taken away, and take up the work of the first witness and
fulfill and complete the work.  
Joshua was the second
witness of the manifestation of the Written Word of God,

the Old Testament Law: he took up the work that Moses
had begun, and it was through the second witness that the
promise of God would be fulfilled,  and God's people
would enter into  the Promised Land.  
Jesus was the first
witness under the manifestation of the Word of God by
the Spirit,
 and it was Jesus who  set up and established
the New Testament,  a covenant of grace,  bringing forth
salvation, and righteousness, by the shedding of His own
blood. And through this new covenant He would fulfill the
Old Testament Law of sacrifice and obedience, and also
prophecy and miracles set up  and established through
Elijah, the first witness under the Spoken Word of God
by the prophets;
and fulfilled through Elisha, the second
who received a double portion of the spirit of

The Holy Ghost is the second witness under the third
manifestation of the Word of God, the Word by the Spirit;

and it is through  the Holy Ghost  that salvation and right-
eousness is fulfilled and brought  to completion under the
Covenant of Grace, and when man is baptized in the Holy
Ghost, it is given unto him to receive a double portion of
the Spirit of God,  as was witnessed by Elisha,  who
manifested prophecy and miracles.

"On the way to the Cross"  Elijah and Elisha manifested
prophecy and miracles under the spoken Word of God
by the prophets,  preparing the way for Jesus to come
and fulfill all these things in the Kingdom of God. Again,
the  "Vision of God"  that was set before Him  was of a
time when God would establish a covenant with mankind
whereby He would bring forth a new creation of man that
would be filled with the Spirit of God, and man would be
endowed with the power to fulfill and to manifest those
things that were  manifested in the  two covenants that
went before, sacrifice and obedience, and prophecy and
miracles.  All these things were fulfilled through the new
covenant,  the New Testament,  that would bring forth
salvation and righteousness through Jesus Christ.  

The miracles that were wrought by Elijah and Elisha were
fore-shadows of things to come that would be manifested
in the Kingdom of God, the Body of Christ. Two of these
miracles,  one in the life of Elijah,  and one in the life of
Elisha,  are so relevant in the scope of things pertaining
to, and leading up to,  the cross of Calvary,  and the new
creation of man,  the born- again child of God,  that was
before-hand ordained to arise upon the earth.   

In 1Kings,  chapter 17,  we read about the story of Elijah
and the widow of Zarephath, and how that even after the
widow is obedient  to the word of the prophet,  her only
son dies. Elijah takes the child and lays him upon his bed,
and stretches himself upon the child's body,  completely
covering him (over-shadowing him,  covering, or hiding,
the flesh of the child),  so the only thing  that was visible
was the prophet (signifying the Spirit).  When the flesh of
the child was overshadowed by the Spirit of God that was
upon Elijah,  life was restored unto the child, and he lived.
The reason that we don't see dramatic change in the lives
of God's people today, and more miracles being wrought,
and new life coming forth,  is because "flesh" is not being
overshadowed by the  "Spirit of God."  Flesh is out front
and visible, flesh is in control; it's flesh, unfortunately, that
dominates the life of most Christians.

In 2 Kings, chapter 2, this same miracle is wrought, again,
through the prophet,  Elisha,  when the son  of the Shun-
namite woman dies.  She takes her son's body and lays it
upon the prophet  Elisha's bed,  and goes to tell him what
has transpired.  Elisha stretches his own body upon the
child's dead body,  and puts his mouth  upon his mouth,
his eyes upon his eyes,  and his hands upon his hands.
Take note that  the three things that are  covered by the
body of Elisha,  representing the Spirit of God,  are the
mouth,  the eyes,  and the hands.  These are the three
things in the realm of the flesh that cause man to sin; all
sin has it's origin in the heart of man, but it is manifested
through the mouth, by what is spoken; through the eyes,
by what is seen and lusted after; and by the hands, that
are used to work the works of sin and darkness.
when the prophet of God, representing the Spirit of God,
covered the dead body,  when the Spirit over-shadowed
the flesh, then life came forth.

When Mary was over-shadowed  by the Holy Ghost the
Word of God was conceived within her, and she brought
forth the  Word of God,  the Son of God.  What God's
people in  the Body of Christ  need today is to  be over-
shadowed by the Spirit of God, that the Word of God can
be conceived within us,  and Jesus can be manifested in
and through us.  Too much flesh is being manifested, and
not enough of the Spirit being revealed. When the flesh is
over-shadowed it becomes, not only less visible, but also
less important.  What a work in the earth we could do for
the Lord today  if there was less "Flesh"  being revealed,
and more of the "Spirit" being manifested.

Again,  everything that transpired  in the Old Testament
was a type and shadow of what would be revealed and
manifested in the New Testament through Jesus Christ,
our Lord and Savior.  Through His  own journey to the
cross He wrought a work that would meet every need of
the three-fold being that we are,  body,  soul,  and spirit.
After He appeared before Pilate,  but before He started
His walk up  Calvary's Hill,  Jesus wrought  our healing
through the stripes  that He bore when  He was beaten
with 39 stripes: thus fulfilling Old Testament prophecy in
Isa. 53:5.  By the pain and suffering that  He bore in His
own flesh,  Jesus prepared  the way for our body,  our
flesh, to be healed and made whole.

On the cross of Calvary Jesus was crucified,  being the
sacrificial Lamb of God;  and there at Calvary through the
shedding of His own blood, by which we are cleansed and
forgiven of our sins,  Jesus made provision  for our soul.
Through the death of Jesus Christ, the first begotten Son
of God, the first born among many brethren,  we too,can
become sons of God,  and heirs of eternal life: whereby
our eternal soul is saved.

After Christ's death on the cross he descended into hell
for three days,  where Jesus took the keys (ownership
and authority) of death and hell away from Satan. And not
only did He take  power and authority  away from Satan,
but what He did with it  has caused great anger and fierce
rage from Satan and all hell ever since; for He took power
and authority  away from Satan  and gave it unto the sons
of God in the earth,  born first of the flesh,  and then born
again by the Spirit of God.

The Spirit of God joined together with the spirit of man to
become one,  which is the born-again experience:  man
becoming sons of God,  the family of God  in the earth,
was all a part of the vision of God that was always before
Him from before  the foundation of the world.  This vision
of God was fulfilled and brought to pass at the death and
resurrection of  Jesus Christ,  when a new creation was
begun, and given new life.  Mankind was redeemed and
brought back  from the place of alienation  from God that
began when Adam and Eve sinned against God and were
cast out of the  Garden of Eden;  but was ended when
Jesus died,  rose from the grave,  ascended into heaven,
and sent back the Holy Ghost into the earth to fulfill, and
to finish, the work that He had begun.  
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