The Word And Prophecy
The Word And Prophecy
God is still speaking to His people,  revealing those
things that are yet to come: shedding light on what is
now shrouded in darkness. God makes known unto
His people what is to be, for we are not the children
of darkness; but, we are the children of light.
This is a prophecy that came forth
from God on July 14, 2010
I am the Lord, thy God, that will make known His way,
and His mighty acts unto His prophets. I will reveal the
mind of God to my people.  As judgment goes forth to
remove the heaviness of the wicked from the earth, my
people shall not be taken unaware; but they shall know
that it is I, it is God, that taketh vengeance in the earth.

As a great and mighty whirlwind I shall go forth and shall
snare the wicked in his wickedness.  Without warning he
shall be taken, and righteous judgment dispensed.

Be not afraid, my chosen ones, for I make a way for the
King of Righteousness to be revealed; for the time nears
for His coming.  Be not faint of heart, my people, but
strengthen yourselves in Him, for He will be your strength
in time of trouble. And as my people separate themselves
from the world in righteousness, then shall I separate my
people from the world in judgment.
Jesus Is The Light Of The World