The wilderness is a place that none of us desire to be in; because
it's in the wilderness that we are led to, or sometimes driven to, by
the Spirit of God to be tested,  tried, proven, and disciplined.  The
word "wilderness" means "driving," and "desert;" and we know that
the desert can be a dry, barren, and solitary place.  The children of
Israel in the days of Moses  were in the wilderness  for forty years,
but that was because of their murmuring, complaining, and rebellion;
and we are told in  Heb. 3:8 not to harden our hearts  as they did in
the day of provocation in the wilderness, when they provoked God
to anger and wrath.

Heb. 3:8-11
Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day
of temptation in the wilderness:
When your fathers tempted me, proved me, and saw my
works forty years.
Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said,
They do always err in their heart;
and they have not known my ways.
So I sware in my wrath, They shall not enter into my rest.

The word "temptation" in  Heb. 3:8 means trial,  testing,  to proof,
or to discipline. As I have already said, this is what the wilderness
experience is for,  and why we  don't like going  into a spiritual
wilderness;  but also why it is so necessary  if we are to become
what God has  ordained for us to be.  The wilderness is a place
where we are tried and tested,  and proven by God;  but it's also
the place where  we can prove God,  or see evidence of His faith-
fulness and His works, and see great deliverance, if we are faithful
and stand steadfast.

We find in the Scriptures  that so many of God's  chosen men
started on their God ordained journey in the wilderness. To name
just a few:  there was Moses,  John the Baptist,  Paul,  and even
Jesus had to face the wilderness experience; so I think we can call
the wilderness  
a place of preparation  for the calling and the work
of God; and that's why it's a place of trial, testing, and proving.

Matt. 4:1
Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness
to be tempted of the devil.

The word  "valley"  means  "a depression;"  and a valley is a low
depression or dip in the earth between two mountains; a low place
where the sun is obstructed,  or shut out.  When we go through a
valley, and remember,  the objective is  
to go through the valley,
we find ourselves in a low, dark place, usually facing a battle or a
hard, troublesome decision;  but in these times remember that
Jesus is the "Lily of the Valley."  And the Word of God also tells
us that God will send springs of water (refreshing) into the valley.
In the Old Testament God's people many times fought battles in
a valley,  but when they remained  faithful and obedient to God,
their battle became God's battle, and He gave them victory.

Joel 3:14
Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the
day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.

Song of Sol. 2:1
I am the Rose of Sharon, and the Lily of the valley.

Psa. 104:10
He sendeth the springs into the valleys, which run among the hills.

The word "Lily" means to be bright, to be cheerful, to rejoice. The
flower,  lily of the valley,  is a green ground cover  that flourishes
in the shade of the valley, and covers the ground, hiding the earth
beneath, as it quickly multiplies and spreads.  Every Spring the lily
of the valley brings forth small bell shaped, white blossoms. White
is the color for righteousness,  and a bell represents the sound of
life.  Do we need any further explanation for what Jesus is to His
people when they find themselves in the valley?

In the wilderness we are tested, tried, and proven; in the valley we
must become over-comers, and find a place of "Rest" in God; for
although the valley is a place where the sun is obstructed, the "Sun
of Righteousness"  is always shining.  In the valley we will find the
refreshing springs of water  that God promised,  if we continue to
walk forward, never stopping, and never turning back. Let the "Lily
of the Valley" cover and hide the earth  (our problems and circum-
stances in the realm of the flesh), so that we can look beyond them
and see the refreshing, the joy,  and the victory that's ahead for the

We just read in  Sol. 2:1 that Jesus is  not only the  "Lily of the
Valley," but He is also the "Rose of Sharon." The name "Sharon"
means "a plain."  A plain is a flat, level, fertile place where
the sun
is unobstructed
;  where plants flourish abundantly, and are fruitful.
There is no obstruction, no place for the enemy to hide, all is open
and free.  The word "plain" means  condition or opportunity.  The
"Plain" is that place of rest,  growth, and abundance, that God has
promised for those who stand  steadfast through  the wilderness
and the valley. It's up to us to stand in faith  during the testing and
let God move concerning our condition,  and to bring us forth into
the plain, the place of opportunity and provision. And on the plain
we are conditioned (prepared) for the time (the opportunity) of
God's purpose in our lives.  And God's purpose for our lives is
for us to ascend upon the mountain.

As the "Rose of Sharon" Jesus is the strength, the beauty, and
the abundance of His people on the plain.  The rose is a flower
of strength and beauty  that is known for  it's ability to blossom
abundantly. The plain, is a place ordained of God for the faithful,
who have sought Him, and have overcome in the wilderness and
in the valley;  and here on the plain  God turns darkness to light,
sorrow to joy, and times of trouble to a time of peace and rest.

Isa. 35:1
The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them;
and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.
It shall blossom abundantly.

Isa. 65:9-10
And I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob, and out of Judah
an inheritor of my mountains: and mine elect shall inherit it,
and my servants shall dwell there.
And Sharon (the plain)  shall be a fold of flocks (He will bless
and multiply) and the valley of Achor (a place to be troubled
or afflicted) a place for the herds to lie down in, for my people
that have sought me.

God still leads His people through the  "Wilderness,"  and the
"Valley;"  and He still prepares the "Plain" for a place of Rest in
Him.  The time that we remain in  the wilderness  and the valley
usually depends on us, according to how long it takes us to submit
to the will of God,  and to accept the plan that he has ordained for
our life. Again the Plain is the place where we are conditioned and
given the opportunity to prepare,  to make ready for,  the ministry,
the calling, or the work that God has ordained for us.

From the "Plain" we should be able to see the "Mountain," in the
distance, or on the horizon,  that God is calling us to;  for it's the
mountain top that is the ultimate place that God desires to bring
us to. The mountain top is an exalted place on the earth, a place
that rises up above all earthly things; and there God's purpose is
made known;  and it's a place  where we stand  in His presence
and receive instructions and direction from God, and power from
on High.  It's on the mountain top that we'll behold His glory, and
receive inspiration and revelation by the Spirit of God.

Moses saw the glory of God, and received instruction from God
on Mt. Horeb; he received the covenant, the ten commandments,
from God on Mt. Sinai; and in that covenant was detailed instruc-
tions on how to have a healthy,  prosperous,  blessed,  and a   
victorious life.  And we still have, today,  God's covenant with
detailed instructions  on how to have a healthy,  prosperous,
blessed,  and victorious life in this world,  and eternal life in the
world to come,  if we will just heed to,  and adhere to,  the Word
of God.

There's something  that we need to know  and to understand
concerning these places that God leads us to;  the wilderness
experience is for our learning,  maturing, and for our benefit; the
valley experience is for our learning, maturing, and for our benefit;
so also is what we experience  on the plain for  our learning, our
maturing, and for our benefit.  But the "Mountain" experience that
we encounter with God  is for the benefit of others.  What Moses
received from God on the mountain top was given to him to give
to others; what Jesus received on the mountain top was imparted
unto Him to impart to others, to all who would believe and  receive.
Moses and Jesus,  after receiving from God on the mountain top
had to descend from the mountain in order to disperse and diffuse
(pour out and spread) what they had received. So must we after a
mountain top experience,  take what God  has imparted unto us,
whether it be a Word of inspiration, revelation, or gifts of the Spirit,
etc., and we have to disperse and diffuse  that gift from on High,
for this is the ultimate plan of God for His Kingdom,  the Body of
Christ, the Church.

We are depicted in the Bible as trees, the planted of the Lord; and
as trees we are partakes of the soil,  the sun,  and the water that
makes us grow;  but the fruit that we bear,  as trees in the Lord's
vineyard, the fruit that comes forth from us,  is for the benefit, the
nurturing of others.  Let's make sure that first,  we are bearing fruit,
then make sure that our fruit is not tainted, nor rotten. As the church,
the body,  the kingdom,  and the people of God  we are to work
together, helping one another, seeing to the needs of one another,
whether those needs be physical or spiritual;  for the Church is the
heart and the hands of God in the earth.

As I said before, Jesus is always with us no matter where we are,
no matter the circumstances, no matter what we're going through;
and whatever we have need of  He will be for us  in each of these
four places that we abide in for a season.  Looking to Jesus,  and
trusting in Him, we'll find all that we need to stand faithful and over-
come the enemy,  and walk in victory,  whether we find ourselves
in the wilderness, or the valley, or on the plain, or the mountain top.
The Word And Prophecy
The Word And Prophecy
There are four spiritual places that God has ordained for
His people to go to, or go through, and experience. Each
place has a  specific purpose and  learning experience;
and a time of trial, testing, growth, maturing, and blessing
for God's people. The call of God, and the circumstances
in life will require that each place must be visited time and
time again throughout a Christian's life time. Jesus,  who
is always there,  becomes something  different to us in
each of these places that they come to, and abide in, for
a season: whether it be the "wilderness," the "valley," the
"plain," or the "mountain."
The Wilderness, Valley, Plain, And Mountain
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