Troublesome waters are nearing our shore; dark and ominous,
they are coming in from hell's core. The tide rolling in is terrible
and black: it's purpose, a swift return, and with it our children to
take back.  A voice I hear coming from a heavenly aisle, "Yet a
little while, and then shall the children of a very young age turn
from good and smiles, to evil and guile."

Woe, what shall we do?  For Satan seeks to corrupt the innocent
and true. Shall even our precious little ones turn to cunning and
treachery, too? But the seeds which were long ago sown are now
coming to full maturity;  and bitter fruit is the harvest,  in our little
ones this we shall see.  For strangers are raising our children
today: no longer are they held upon their mother's knee.

When innocence and truth have been turned to mischief and
deceit, the partakers shall receive their just reward, when God's
final judgment is mete. For then shall a mournful earth be engulfed
by pain and woe; and blood shed by brother against brother shall
flow. Murder and destruction shall run rampant in the streets; and
all shall be consumed by violence and turmoil until God's judgment
is complete.  The distorted countenance of a man's face shall tell
of his inner plight; for Satan shall have control, and will employ him
for service in his ultimate fight.

The only refuge is in God's kingdom, where the righteous are
sheltered from the evil rain. And the saints of God who remain in
the Lord's stronghold will keep their righteous garments from stain.
For Jesus is coming back  after a people  that have not been
tainted by Satan's persuasion; but they have received the truth of
Christ's gospel in God's final dispensation.

Then look to the nations,  where you'll see another sign;  for in
them, too, God's judgment shall have design.  Seven who are
unworthy in the eyes of God,  shall rise to power,  and with
malicious manner over the unsuspecting earth trod. Five of them
shall be of one flesh: and with cruel and over-whelming influence
they will mesh. Nations all around the world shall see great trouble
stir; for after being weighed in the balance earth's evil far out
weighs the good: woe, unto her.

The nation of Turkey shall not be silent and still; against Israel this
tyrant shall come, prophecy to fulfill. But not alone shall he rush in:
for he'll have alliance with a very close friend. Then when all the
nations around her have gathered with hatred and contempt, let
Israel beware. But one nation will alter it's unworthy state, and be
called by God "a son," and with Israel be heir.

And Cyprus, tho small and by others not often referred: shall
arouse, too; and in her shall a noise be heard. And beautiful
America with your helping hand and your open door; you, too,
shall feel the heavy hand of an oppressor on your shore.  An
enemy that's cunning and ruthless shall stalk your now serene
streets; and your precious freedom he'll seek to defeat. Your
people shall experience a bondage never known before in their
fair land. But, woe, to the one from which the oppression comes;
for the  "King of Kings"  shall strike a blow,  and evil shall not be
able to stand.

Harken!  Harken!  All ye,  to the Word of God,  that ye might be
absolved. For this is the day, even the hour, that the universe is
being dissolved. The whole world, and all existing people and all
things, will God purge; and none shall escape, but the righteous,
this inevitable scourge. So be ye then righteous, and of your sins
repent, that when the time of God's judgment and wrath are come,
for you shall He relent.

Written in 1982 by Lilly A. Starnes
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