The Ten Commandments, the law and the covenant of the
Most High the world seeks to take away.  Because of their
ignorance and rebellion they refuse to allow them to stay;
so let the results of their blunder at their own feet lay. The
Ten Commandments are the foundation of man's morality,
and they quicken man's seared conscience: but take them
away and what shall the aftermath be?  When the laws of
God are broken punishment is sent down from on high; but
nullify and destroy the laws of God, and with great perplexity
the world shall be caused to sigh. The consequences of life
on earth without God’s law is utter chaos: so then look to the
right, and trouble is stirring;  look to the left,  and destruction
you'll see.

The name and Son-ship of Jesus Christ they seek to nullify
and to set at naught:  for they want no part of the plan of
salvation that He wrought;  neither have they His counsel
sought.  Jesus is the Light of the world:  and if the Light is
taken away,  then in darkness the world shall stumble, and
ultimately fall. But darkness the world chooses, and not the
Light: so death and final destruction are the world’s future
because of their absence of sight.

Prayer, too,  they've sought to stifle and take away;  for it's
the communion and fellowship with our heavenly Father, by
which we keep Him close each day. For if we seek counsel
and direction from God,  He’ll surely show us the right way.    
To try and extinguish the Law, the Light,  and the Grace of
our heavenly Father seems so ridiculous and dangerous to
me. But the blind and foolish perpetrators of these atrocious
acts cannot see the error of their ways?  And this,  you see,
is the ultimate abomination that shall bring destruction from
on high, and desolation in these final days.

Under the cloak of darkness, in the guise of truth and right;
evil is spreading, and the "ultimate deception" engulfs the
night. No longer to the Word of God does man adhere;  
"Give me choice,"  they cry,  "For God I do not fear."  
"My right to choose,"  they boldly say,  "Do not violate."
And in err they blindly go: oblivious to their inevitable fate.
The right to sin and break God's law the flesh may selfishly
choose; but there's a day of reckoning ahead if God's law
man chooses to abuse.

Look to the earth and look to the sea,  for they declare that
judgment day is here.  But man says,  "God is love," and
"God does not judge," for God they do not fear.  But in the
earth and in the sea the signs still are there,  for all whose
eyes are open to see. And many more signs are just ahead,
sent to warn man of the error of his ways. We can only pray
that some will take heed, and repent, before the end of days.

Beware a sign:  a state that has a peninsula been,  will see
great blood shed on it's shore because of their great sin.
Beware another sign: the waves of the ocean will more lives
claim; but judgment will not stop there, for great trouble shall
come from the same.  One day the ocean will overflow it's
boundaries, given to it by God,  and will overtake, and keep,
land where man's feet now trod.

I've seen in the heaven's the hand of the Lord coming forth;
holding fast the sickle, a sign that the day of judgment and
"harvest" are here. The signs are all around us that proclaim
Christ's coming is near; but if you’re saved by His grace and
cleansed by His blood, there’ll be nothing to fear.

Today I heard God say,  "The Ark is on the way."  Jesus is
that Ark of safety  that's soon coming to carry the righteous
away; but the unbelievers shall surely be left behind; and the
wrath of God will be their pay.
The Word And Prophecy
The Word And Prophecy
Destination Darkness
Destination Darkness
Prophetic Poetry
Prophetic Poetry
Jesus is the Light of the world.