Daniel saw a vision of kingdoms to rise and fall; and the
destiny of those kingdoms, who on God refused to call.    
And Daniel saw rising up from the sea, four great beasts,
notable and diverse. He records their rise to power, their
reign, and their inevitable curse. And he foretells of their
dominion, in succession, being taken away; and of Christ's
righteous kingdom being set up, forever to stay.

The first beast that Daniel saw was like a lion, with eagle's
wings,  that exalt it high.  The eagle's wings were plucked
from it;  and Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom was replaced by
one inferior, this Daniel did prophesy. And it was made to
stand upon it's feet as a man, and to it a man's heart was
given; for when the Medes and the Persians rose to power,
they returned all to Israel  that the beast  before them had
taken;  and during their reign Israel prospered,  thus the
beast from their kingdom was driven.

And behold,  another beast,  the second,  like unto a bear;
and it raised itself up on one side. For the Grecian Empire
conquered territory controlled by the powers before it; but
on one side, to the west, it added new lands, and there did
reside.  It had in it's mouth,  between it's teeth,  three ribs:
and it was said unto it, "Arise, devour much flesh."  For the
Grecian Empire conquered all the lands of the three powers
before it; and with those subdued regions did mesh.

And lo,  another beast rises,  this one like a leopard,  with
four wings of a fowl upon it's back. Where feet alone would
not suffice the Roman Empire spread,  with surmounting
influence,  and was not slack.  Rome conquered lands far
across the Mediterranean Sea:  and because it was the
fourth supreme power,  the fourth head it is said to be.
Dominion was given unto it, the power to stand, and not
know defeat. But destiny proclaimed that it should fall; until
a future time, when it shall rise again, it's tyranny to repeat.  
The fourth beast to rise was more dreadful and terrible than
any before it;  with it's great iron teeth,  and unrestrained
power,  over the whole earth it shall sit.  With absolute
authority, and accompanied by ten kings,  this great beast
shall go forth conquering,  and will break and devour;  and
with malicious manner it shall cause every nation before
it's throne to cower.  Into his hands the saints of the Most
High will be given for a time and a season,  but the end
shall come, and judgment shall sit; and the kingdom shall
be given to God's Son.

This fourth great beast so dreadful and terrible, that Daniel
saw, is yet to come; and he shall corrupt with flatteries the
wicked who will heed him; but he shall be rejected by some.
He will seek to deceive, and to pollute God's holy sanctuary,
but those who stand strong,  and remain true to God,  shall
escape his deceit,  for God has made them wary.  This
beast's coming is after  the working of Satan with power,
and signs,  and lying wonders;  and God shall send strong
delusion to them that adhere to his doctrine, and they'll
perish for their blunders.

As the days of trial and tribulation go swiftly by, the day of
God's wrath, and recompense, will surely draw nigh. And
only those who are established in Christ shall escape those
days of repression; for faith in the power of God, and his
Word, will be their confession. And behold, the righteous
shall be taken up from the earth to God's haven prepared
above; but the wicked shall remain, and be punished for
their rejection of God's Son, and his great love.
The Word And Prophecy
The Word And Prophecy
Fallen Kingdoms
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Prophetic Poetry
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Fallen Kingdoms
Fallen Kingdoms