In Revelation, chapter eleven, John measures the temple
and the altar, and them that worship therein.  This means
that God would know the extent of the matter;  who has
been cleansed and made white, and who is yet to be freed
from sin. Then it's revealed to John that the holy city shall
be trodden down. Oh, New Jerusalem, mother of us all:
upon you and upon the precious saints of God shall a
wicked world frown.

Then behold! The two great witnesses of God, the two
anointed ones that stand before Him. These are the two
olive trees with the golden oil, that precious Spirit, flowing
forth out of them.  They cause the Light of God to shine
forth in a darkened land; and they preach the truth of God,
that it may curse sin, and give new life to man.

By personal presence they are witnesses, and so bring
evidence of a living God; and by Him they are given
power to testify. In the days of the crucifixion the Son of
man was set at naught: and so again, hell will make a way
to overcome and to kill; which means Christ's gospel they'll
nullify. Jesus and the Holy Ghost are the two witnesses of
which God spoke. But a wicked world will successfully
resist the truth, receive a lie, and God's covenant revoke.
Shame and reproach the world yields upon them: as tho
they were dead bodies left, unburied, in the street.
Sodom's iniquity, and Egypt's bondage and unbelief reside
again, the truth to defeat.

But wait! Victory is still ahead; for behold! Those two great
witnesses of God are no longer dead.  God shall restore,
again,  his powerful witness from on high;  and cause the
world with fear and perplexity to sigh.  A great voice is
heard from heaven, saying,  "Come up hither;"  and in the
presence of all men, up to heaven, in a cloud, they ascend.

When Elijah, in a flaming chariot, was taken up from the
earth, it was time for a double portion of the Spirit on
Elisha to descend.  And when Moses had ascended up
Mt. Sinai  in the presence  of God to stand:  when he
descended he brought with him the commandments of
God, and delivered them unto man. After the resurrection,
Jesus ascended up to heaven to be at the Father's right
hand;  but He left word that a promise would be fulfilled,
and the Holy Ghost would be sent down unto man. Now
we see another ascension is going to come to pass; and
another promise is fulfilled, when God's covenant is sent
down again.

It's time for Israel to be redeemed at last, when the seventh
angel sounds;  and the temple of God is opened,  and His
covenant revealed.  For in the days of the sounding of the
seventh angel the mystery of God shall be finished, and the
tabernacle of David will God rebuild.  The mystery that was
hid from generations,  which is God in Christ,  and Christ in
you;  shall be revealed again to Israel,  that they may enter
God's kingdom, too.

The two great witnesses  have finished their work,  and
God's kingdom is complete.  But the rest of the world in
darkness stumbles,  for they have been led astray by
Satan's deceit.  But Israel,  God's first born among the
nations, has been cleansed by the blood of the Lamb;
and they are partakers of the new birth. The first fruits are
now ripe,  the harvest is ready,  and it's time to reap the
earth. Woe, unto those who are left at Christ's coming, for
redemption is no more;  the Bridegroom has come and
gone, and hath shut behind Him the door.
The Word And Prophecy
The Word And Prophecy
Prophetic Poetry
Prophetic Poetry
Jesus Is The Light Of The World
Who are the Two Witnesses of God  in the 11th chapter
of the book of Revelation? This has always been a very
controversial passage of scripture because everyone
has a theory about who they will be. But is there a theory,
or an explanation,  that can be verified by the Word of
God concerning these two witnesses?
Zech. 4:11-14
Then answered I, and said unto him, What are these
two olive trees upon the right side of the candlestick
and upon the left side thereof?

And I answered again, and said unto him, What be
these two olive branches which through the two
golden pipes empty the golden oil out of themselves?

And he answered me and said,  Knowest thou not
what these be?  And I said, No, my Lord.

Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that
stand by the Lord of the whole earth.  
The Two Great Witnesses
The Two Great Witnesses
The Two Great Witnesses